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Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Believes Joe Flacco Is 'Elite'

While Donald Trump seems to have an agenda against a lot of people, Flacco has earned his seal of approval.

Steve Pope/Getty Images

In this election cycle, GOP candidate Donald Trump has let everyone know his opinion on practically everything. While Trump has drawn fire for controversial views on immigration and other topics, he hasn't poked the bear that is the 'elite' status of Joe Flacco. Until now that is.

In a Q&A session at Twitter's New York City office today, Trump let his Flacco pride fly.

While Trump is a staunch supporter of the New England Patriots and their quarterback, it's nice to see a New England fan showing some appreciation for one of the game's better quarterbacks.

However, another Republican candidate is on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to this issue. While Trump had a clear and concise response, including a citation of Flacco's Super Bowl run, his competitor, Mike Huckabee, wasn't so informed.

Ouch. This harsh non-answer might move Huckabee a few notches down in your GOP power rankings.

Whether or not you are a fan of Trump, we can all agree that this is one issue he's right about.