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Three people responsible for the loss against the Raiders

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens fall to 0-2 through the first two weeks of the NFL season. A hard task to overcome, the Ravens need to look at the people involved to see how to fix the issues. While the loss is on the entire team, there were certain people that were involved more in the bad plays than the good ones. By patching up those players and getting them to perform better, the Ravens should have a better chance of turning in a win next week against the Bengals.

Cornerback Lardarius Webb

Webb was routinely out of position and was too slow even when he was able to track a receiver. We've hypothesized Webb's departure plenty around here, but he looks lost and physically outmatched on almost every play. On Sunday, the number of positive plays for him was outweighed by the number of touchdowns he gave up.

In order to fix this issue, Webb might need to be bumped down to covering the slot receiver. By limiting the routes and talent that Webb would have to stick with, it should allow him to stay competitive longer. With Rashaan Melvin out with injury, that will have to wait until Melvin can get back up to 100%. In the meantime, the Ravens can help Webb out by putting a safety over the top of Webb's side and giving him a little cushion

Safety Kendrick Lewis

On the plays where Webb was out of position, Lewis was just as lost and ended up far enough away from the ball to be a non-issue for the Raiders. The last defense for the defense, Lewis being out of position or confused on his responsibility allowed many big passing plays and his poor tackling helped the Raiders gain yards after contact.

Time should help Lewis as he gets more comfortable with the defense and the personnel. If he continues to struggle for too much longer, the Ravens could and likely will start to push their young safeties into the mix more and more. That means more Terrence Brooks in the game.

Offensive Coordinator Marc Trestman

The Ravens had just under 500 total yards on offense and were able to put up 33 points, which might lead you to question why the hell Trestman is on this list. Simply put, his redzone offense was terrible. Regularly using jump ball situations that are more reminiscent to Cam Cameron's play-calling than a competent offensive coordinator led to the Ravens having to kick four field goals.

The easiest way to fix this is to use the same offense that the Ravens had from the start of the drive into the redzone. Play action passing to the tight ends and big bodied wide receivers allowed guys to get open and find good seams to continue upfield. Taking away the heave and pray throws to the corner of the endzone would have given the Ravens a better chance to go up over the Raiders in several instances and win the game.