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Ravens Raiders Final Score: Defensive Report Card

How did the Ravens play on defense?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I don't even want to start this. This is frustrating and teeth-gritting anger. Stay with me though, and we'll get through this together.


The next week Derek Carr on 30 completions racks in 351 yards and 3 touchdowns. Terrell Suggs is a valuable asset, and maybe that is the difference between winning and losing. The pass rush was so very necessary today.

Defensive Line: D+

Carl "Trenchwork" Davis was where today? The big guy shined with his pass rush wrecking the All-Pro tandem Louis Vasquez & Evan Mathis a week ago. Yet the Raven rookie was nowhere to be found today. Chris Canty, Timmy Jernigan (will be getting a special shout-out below) and Lawrence Guy didn't do anything. Murray & Forsett did the same carries for the same yards. The run game didn't matter though as Carr sliced through the passes when he could cook up a brat on the grill before throwing to Cooper or Crabtree behind this line.

Special Shout-out to Timmy Jernigan on giving the Raiders fifteen yards on the game-winning drive. Way to keep cool. Not like they needed those anyways.

Outside Linebackers: D-

What outside linebackers? Who the hell is Dumervil and Upshaw? Z'darius Smith who? Oh and the guy we sign isn't even active as Harbaugh announcers he has a real chance to play. Why do I listen to him? "Breshad has a bone bruise. Only a few days" "Babin has real chance to play" Yet Breshad is still wearing a beanie on the sideline, and Babin was inactive when the pass rush was nowhere to be found. Not a single sack from any of these players.

Inside Linebackers: C

Mosley did his job fair enough, and Smith did his as well. I take a letter off for the game-winning TD. They snuffed the run when it skipped past the D-line. Stepping up to tackle when the back is coming full force wasn't their fault, but they took the challenge and made action. Regardless, the team allowed 37 points, and it was despicable.

Cornerbacks: D

Jimmy blanketed Demaryius Thomas, then proceeded to be shaken by Amari Cooper. The rookie has great route-running and speed. His playstyle is much different than the big Demaryius, and Jimmy clearly wasn't ready. Webb is no longer around clearly. Next season the Ravens can stop the bleeding by cutting the player formerly known as Lardarius Webb. Both Cooper and Crabtree racked in over 100 yards. That's just lovely.

Safeties: B

Will Hill repeatedly makes plays. His one snafu should not be your judgement, his incessant pass deflections, tackles, and interceptions should be. Great game by Will Hill.

Kendrick Lewis has been quite, in a good way. Passes not always towards his way. His run-stopping is obvious, and tackling with form has shown.

Overall: D

What just happened Dean? Sizzle leaving forces you to allow 37 points? The game a week ago was the best defensive play-calling I've seen you do. Manning looking lost, receivers purely frustrated and the run game not around. Next week the Ravens entered bizarro world. Next week the Ravens have to play the Bengals, whom last week put on a clinic against the Raiders 24-0.