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Ravens Raiders Final Score: Offensive Report Card

How did the offense look today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens offense mustered up to 33 points this afternoon. Obviously a stat worth enjoying, but the outcome is ugly.

Offensive Line: A-

Joe had time to throw, the Ravens had the opportunities and they blocked well. Flacco was never sacked in this ball-game. They did their damndest, and shouldn't be scolded. Forsett found room in the open field, and the push in the fourth quarter snagged a few key first downs.

Running backs: B+

Forsett ran over 68 yards on 15 attempts. Couldn't have asked for more on those runs.

Lorenzo looked just as great at 7 carries for 34 yards. Capping off his game with a 7 yard TD.

Both backs over 4 yards per carry. Great running, great moves in the open field and broken tackles were showing up. Forsett and Taliaferro both finding key third down conversions. Great game by the backs.

Receivers: B+

Kamar fumbled, and he is showing the #1 role isn't ready yet. Somehow still snagging 5 catches for 90 yards. Great average and made enough plays to clearly not be the fault of the game.

Steve Smith put up 150 yards.

No depth. This team continually doesn't spend money on pass-catchers focusing on defense instead. More often than not it works out but how many UDFA's does Baltimore need? Waller, Brown, and 7th round Campanaro aren't getting anything done.

Nonetheless I am not angry with the wide-outs, and the receivers themselves performed. They shouldn't be knocked for the GM role.

Tight Ends: A

Dear Crockett Gillmore, keep it up. 2 TD games aren't easy, let alone dragging three defensive players on your body while working hard to the endzone. Every highlight is this man shredding tackles and purely out-working defenders.

Maxx Williams was quiet, but with Crockett being the animal he is why change it up? No knock here.

Joe Flacco: B

Teeth-gritting to watch as he overthrows an open receiver once, but this happened multiple times. Kamar in the first half, Smith Sr. in the final offensive drive for Baltimore. That's 14 points that only converted to 6. In shoot-outs Joe has the talent and arm to be aggressive, but today was difficult enough. But you don't put up 33 points and lose because of the offense.

Overall: A-

This offense is not the blame. Trestman called the right plays, he gave the team 33 points of offense. Don't blame the offense. I know I'm repeating myself. If I told you the Ravens put up 33 points you would have given me loads of cash betting on a win, yet the outcome is the opposite. Sitting at 0-2, wonderful...