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Ozzie being Ozzie

The Ravens have had a lot of success finding key players at this point in the season. Will the trend continue this season?

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

"Ozzie being Ozzie."

It's a phrase commonly heard among Ravens fans when discussing the under-the-radar moves that Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome makes that pay big dividends in the end. It's around this time of the year that Ozzie makes moves that aren't talked about on ESPN for days but keep the Ravens in contention for the Super Bowl year after year.

Elvis Dumervil, Daryl Smith, Will Hill, and others have been late additions that ended up playing big roles on the team. Now that the first deadline of cuts is past, and another coming on Saturday, Ozzie is undoubtedly scanning the waiver wire in search of a guy that could come in and play.

Ravens management has said that they feel comfortable with guys they have on the team, but the Ravens' recent interest in Fred Jackson has shown that they are more than willing to look into guys who are being cut at this time, especially due to injuries to players such as Lorenzo Taliaferro.

John Eisenberg over at seems to think that Ozzie may look for players at three positions: Receiver, Running Back, and Tight End.

If the Ravens are indeed looking for players at these positions, who is available that Baltimore might be interested in? Here are some guesses.

Note: This is purely speculation and just my guess on who could come in and contribute.

Wide Receivers: Nick Toon (Saints), Denarius Moore (Bengals), Jarrett Boykin (Panthers), Trindon Holliday (Raiders)

Running Backs: Fred Jackson (Bills)

Tight End: Very few available right now, more will come available after Saturday's cuts.

Trindon Holliday, formerly of the Denver Broncos, has been a popular conversation topic among Ravens fans because of his return ability. The Ravens surely remember his touchdown returns in the playoffs a couple years ago. Holliday has had ball security issues, which is one of the top priorities for the Ravens coaches, but with that job still up in the air for the Ravens, Holliday could be an intriguing option if he can show the ability to hold onto the ball.

It's unknown at this point if the Ravens will make any moves prior to the season, but Ravens management is undoubtedly staying on top of the waiver wire and trading block, looking to be the first to jump on a deal if the right one comes available. Whether by trade or free agency, my guess is that Ozzie and Co. will look to add at least one more player to the team before all is said and done.