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Terrence Brooks is back and looking for his first start

After a season ending knee injury Brooks is back

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A forgotten talent as the young rookie left last year on a season ending knee injury, Terrence Brooks finally saw the field on his first start of 2015 in the third week of pre-sesason and he looks good.

"Terrence played well. He did a good job and came out of it OK. There's going to be a little soreness anytime you're coming off a knee like that, but he played fast, and he looked good out there" - John Harbaugh

Not a better feeling in the world currently for Terrence after leaving last season with a torn ACL & MCL. The expected recovery time being a full calender year long. Meaning Terrence shouldn't even be on the field or in a practice uniform. Yet here he his, making plays and moving around the field. Starting for the Baltimore Ravens after only 8 months from the initial injury during the third pre-season game against the Washington Redskins. He finished his series with 3 tackles and a penalty for "roughing the passer".  Later on Brooks answered questions saying:

"You've been out of the game so long that it's kind of a surreal feeling. For the most part it went well for me. It was pretty much just getting out there, seeing where my confidence level is at. And it was pretty good."

Brooks is looking forward to the 2015 season and fighting for more of a starting role as he goes up against new veteran addition Kendrick Lewis, and Will Hill III.

Brooks and his rookie season were promising, and while he wants to work on building a better career he does first want to ensure that his knee is fully rehabbed and able to play at football speed. Hopefully soon we'll be hearing Terrence landing more booming hits like he brought only a season ago.