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Newest Raven Jason Babin Will Be on the Field Tomorrow

The veteran signing looks to add another dimension to the Ravens pass rush/

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Jason Babin has only been with the Baltimore Ravens for a few days, but he's ready to go and make an impact. After just three practices, Coach Harbaugh deemed Babin good to go. The 35-year-old veteran is no stranger to moving to a new team, as Baltimore is Babin's ninth different residence of his twelve-season career. Babin was brought in to help fill the void that team leader Terrell Suggs brought to the field. Suggs went down with an Achilles injury last Sunday, and is out for the year.

ESPN's Jamison Hensley hypothesized that "the Ravens probably will use Babin only in passing situations, which means he might get only 25 to 30 snaps." Hensley's prediction also has some basis to it, as last year's Pro Football Focus grades sing praises of Babin's pass rush abilities. (Babin is third from the top.)

Babin isn't out of shape either, which helps explain why he is ready to play so soon. Babin was with the New York Jets organization all of the way through the preseason and training camp, only to be cut eight days before the season opener.

"It’s not like I haven’t played any football," Babin said. "I basically had a bye week last week – early bye week – so I’m ready to rock and roll."

While I'm a little skeptical of Babin's ability to jump in and make an impact, Coach Harbaugh isn't.

"He's a veteran player. His whole thing is making sure where to line up. He's been in the defense. He's a really smart guy. I'm very confident that he can line up and play good football."

If anything, Babin can only make a positive impact on the team. Look out for #56 on the field tomorrow.