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Remember that time when Jason Babin pulled someone's hair out?

The newest Raven is most known by this one memorable play.

The newest addition to the Baltimore Ravens is most known for being a notch rotational rusher who can occasionally make the big play. However, one play back in 2013 has been the defining moment of his career. It was certainly a 'dreadful' one.

Back in 2013, when Babin's Jaguars faced the Arizona Cardinals, he emerged from a pile with a handful of Andre Ellington's dreads. While it seemed like this might be painful, Ellington said he was just fine.

This wasn't the first instance of a NFL player suffering a hair-related injury, as Larry Johnson notably brought down Troy Polamalu a while ago.

If you'll recall, former Raven receiver Torrey Smith was also dragged down by his dreads a few years ago.

Surprisingly, this is all legal. That is because a player's hair is considered part of his uniform, and therefore acceptable for players to grab.

Hopefully Babin's play for Baltimore doesn't make us 'tear our hair out'.