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What the Ravens get in Jason Babin

How does Babin help?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Your favorite team's starting left outside linebacker whom consistently stuffed the run and rushed the passer with excessive talent is out for the year and you signed Jason Babin. You need to learn about him I bet. Don't worry as I got you covered.

Babin according to PFF. Everybody keeps saying he recorded two sacks but PFF has three. Either way that's not gaudy. Baltimore is hoping to find somebody that can push into the double digits. Babin is 35 year old outside linebacker. He won't be lightning quick, nor powerhouse strong. Hopefully over the years his pass rushing technique is built enough to get by.

Lower your expectations folks.

This will not be a plug and play person. Suggs is one of the best LOLB's in the NFL. His pass rush and run stop ability when compared to other 3-4 OLB's is top notch.

I was expecting Jason to have bad PFF scores, or at least bad rankings against the rush. I have heard many times that he quits on the run. Takes run plays off because of his mercenary style on wanting to sack the quarterback instead. I was not enthused to hear this. Yet, his numbers against the run are shockingly positive. At least at first glance they were.

In Philadelphia Babin clearly didn't like playing the run. He was low positive to negative in run defense, but his pass rush is gorgeous. Since we know Courtney Upshaw isn't the pass rush specialist Baltimore wants, Babin could be the person to be rotated in with Upshaw while Doom stays on the field more often against the run. But the Ravens know more than I do. It will be tough to see who goes where at this point.

Back to it, in his later years, with Jacksonville his run defense is still absent, but playing for Jacksonville's defense was hard enough as it is. Still racking up 8 sacks is great to hear, adding in an extra 17 QB hits and 34 QB hurries is even better, knowing if he could translate even 2 more he's a 10 sack season player.

Last year Babin played for the New York Jets, and his numbers across the board are all positive. Playing alongside Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson affected his numbers, but nonetheless his overall is 13.5, and run defense is 8.2. Meaning yes, his last season he was good in both run stopping and pass rushing.

His time with the Jets is good and bad knowing that his QB hurries, hits, and sacks were lowered, but I expect the reasoning is because he's trying to compete against Wilkerson and Richardson. At least I'm half hoping that as well, knowing he's with the Ravens now.


Jason Babin is going to be a good addition. You all know just as well as I do not having #55 on the field is going to hurt, but Babin's talents could help add serious depth to the line-up. As we all know, trust in Ozzie and know he's doing the best for the Ravens.