When are we going to switch (if) into a 4-3 (defense still multiple on back line)?

I've been thinking about this for a long time. Our defense has been multiple for a long time 3-4 base (since 2005). 2004 previous has been 4-3 for our defense. We've constantly struggled getting penetrating d linemen capable of bringing into the run defense we prefer, using outside DE's and linebackers (Suggs, Doom...Thomas) and mixing blitzing schemes to get pressure. Haloti Ngata is a BEAST and Trevor Pryce for one year is fantatic and unbelievable, while defensive coordinators gave us players to mix in Redding, Jarret, Kruger, Upshaw, Williams etc.

This year we have Brandon Williams, Timmy Jernigan, Canty, Davis, Lewis-Moore and others who can fill the void and bring that pass rush warren sapp style to life. Positions would change. Front 7

Left DE: Terrell Suggs (please be back next year), Za'Darius Smith, Brent Urban

DT: Brandon Williams, Chris Canty,

DT: Timmy Jernigan, Carl Davis

Right DE: Elvis Dumervil, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Lawrence Guy

L OLB: Darryl Smith, (some draft pick?)

MLB: C.J. Mosley, Zach Orr

R OLB: Arthur Brown, Albert McClellan


Some draft Pick in draft will help depth

I'm really hoping Terrell Suggs comes back next year. he's vital to our defense and helps establish our run stopping on the outside.

The only reason I wanna move to 4-3 and why its good is next year possibly longer is because it helps the run defense and gets better pass rushers to the QB's faster if they get faster. I've been mulling the 4-3 change for a long time and the only reason they haven't done it I think is because Terrell Suggs just so perfectly fits our d.

Arthur Brown can return to Rookie/College form (he was good as a rookie; in college he was outstanding). He can help our depth and starting LB core become much better with coverage and outside slant protect.

Deen Pees will not be back at Defensive Coordinator. He's too old and the man can find better. 4-3 schemers will be in demand

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