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Ravens vs Broncos Final Score: Steve Smith dropping the game-winning catch

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Right off the facemask with what would have been the game sealing touchdown catch. Flacco would be picked off in the endzone right after this miscue to give the game to the Denver Broncos.

Down by six points with three minutes left to go, quarterback Joe Flacco led the Baltimore Ravens offense on a drive all the way from the 20-yard line down to the 18-yard line of Denver before throwing this perfect pass. Steve Smith Sr. got the separation he needed behind the defender. Joe Flacco lofted up the ball to only where Smith could catch it, right at the pylon. And it hits Senior right in the face and bounces to the turf as an incomplete pass.

We've seen veteran wide receivers drop hug completions in the past that end up losing the game for the Ravens and while this one isn't Lee Evans in the AFC Championship game bad, it is still pretty bad. Steve Smith, on his 'final ride' needed to catch this pass and help put the Ravens a leg up on the AFC North and a team that will be vying with them for a playoff spot in Denver. Instead, we get the inconsistent Steve Smith that wasn't able to catch a pretty standard pass.