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Ravens Broncos Final Score: Defense report card

Defense did well at least..

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports


You couldn't have asked for anything more with the Ravens bend don't break style of play, and keeping Peyton Manning and every bronco to 0 TD's combined is insanity. The defense even put up seven points. The Ravens defense outscored the offense. What more do you want?

D-Line: B

The penetration was there most of the time, and you can't expect them to stop the run blocking by Louis Vasquez & Evan Mathis every play. They gave up what they could, but didn't let the big plays show up.

Linebackers: A

Mosley with two sacks, Smith with two pass deflections, Upshaw sealing the edge on containment, Dumervil and Suggs pressure. The linebackers strutted their stuff today. Unfortunately Suggs is done for the year, so Courtney, bring your pass rush techniques against Oakland.

Cornerbacks: A+, A-, B

Mama there go that man again... Jimmy Smith showing why he is  the #1 for Baltimore. Up and over interceptions taken back for the endzone. Peyton Manning couldn't involve Demaryius whatsoever. Bean had him locked away. Kyle Arrington made plays, though not a lot went his way.. The reason being Lardarius Webb can't cover Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders is a great #2 receiver in the league, and his route running infused with agility makes him a difficult person to cover. Manning picked on Webb with Sanders all game. First three 3rd down conversions were against Webb with Sanders. It was ugly.

Safeties: A

A couple small bites on the playfake allowed extra 3rd downs, but they aren't perfect. Will Hill and Kendrick Lewis blew up some run plays, and checkdown passes. There was never a deep shot that happened over the top and thus no complaints from my end.


Loss of Suggs hurts, but if they can overcome the injury and play like this against other teams like they did to Peyton Manning, this season the Ravens can sport a top 3 defense.