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Ravens Broncos Final Score: Offense report card

How did Flacco & Co. hold up

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

An overall terrible offensive game for Baltimore today. Eugene Monroe out, leaving James Hurst to attempt blocking Demarcus Ware. This brought about Joe Flacco to eat the turf and have absolutely no time to get an intermediate route working.

O-Line: F

Where was the second highest ranked offensive unit in the NFL today? Not in Denver. Yanda and Wagner weren't wrecking balls that could allow Justin Forsett room to run. Hurst was being absolutely abused by a HoF linebacker. Ware let James know who the boss was from the get-go.

Steve Smith (wide receivers): D

It hit you in the facemask... Flacco placed that ball in your hands on a great throw in the endzone and you drop the gift-wrapped football? You want to retire on top Senior, not with the regret of not securing the football on a redzone throw.

Joe Flacco: C

Can't blame the guy for not throwing within two seconds from snap. Lineman weren't giving him any favors, and instead he became shaky and stressed in the pocket. He threw a bad pick, but also bailed the Ravens out only for Steve Smith Sr. to let it go.

Overall: D

This is a hard game to start with. Powerhouse Denver as an away game to start the season a second time in three years? Thanks NFL. The game was only a six point difference, and Baltimore was a redzone completion from victory, but something better change for Marc Trestman.