Has anybody tried Draftkings $2 millions for first?

They are running a special right now. If you deposit a minimum of $5.00, you will get entrance to their 10 millions dollar event.

You do have to use a link to get this special:

Yes, this is my link and you would be giving me the same deal. The main reason I am doing it this way is because I can't afford to play fantasy football right now. I know I do not really have a chance to win, but it is nice to dream and think I can help my family

I do think this is a good deal though. I think they allow for a max of 500,000 plays, and it is only $5 to get into the game. It is still very difficult, but waay better odds then the lotto, and at least it does allow for some skill.

I'm sorry if this offends anybody or they think this is spam. It is a good deal, so I do not feel it is a bad post for everybody to see.

Please score some fantasy points, Ravens!

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