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Tyrod Taylor can still help Baltimore

A compensatory pick is in play for the Ravens

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You go Tyrod Taylor. Go out there in Buffalo and win those games. Go out and beat the Patriots, and get the Bills to the play-offs. These are all things the Ravens should be hoping for as the Baltimore Ravens are in play for a 5th round compensatory pick in the 2016 draft if Tyrod Taylor achieves X amount of offensive snaps and wins a play-off game. Now immediately folks at home are laughing thinking, "Yeah, like the Bills are going to win a play-off game" but that's not what the Ravens are worried about. The Ravens just want extra selections as previous 5th round and even other rounds for compensatory picks have become studs for Charm City.

For those that think that a 5th round comp selections isn't a lot you are half correct. It's not a lot considering the events necessary. A starting quarterback who takes Buffalo to the play-offs and then wins a play-off game only worth a fifth round compensatory pick? Weak in my opinion, but Ozzy Newsome knows what to do with low comp picks. The last three 5th round comp picks were Pernell McPhee, Rick Wagner, and John Urschel. Two of those names already with established NFL resumes as Rick Wagner has translated into the arguably the best  right tackle in the NFL and Pernell McPhee was the second highest rated 3-4 OLB behind super star linebacker Justin Houston. Baltimore draft management is practically salivating at the opportunity to bring in another great talent.

Once more, to those that haven't yet started cheering for the Buffalo Bills, start right now. With Corey Graham and Tyrod Taylor on their team they are already likeable. Add in Rex Ryan, Shady McCoy and the chance to give Ozzie & DeCosta another selection, Go Bills.