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New NFL Rule Means That Ravens-Steelers Games Just Got a Whole Lot More Expensive

Black + Purple + Black + Gold = Green for the NFL

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the new season looming upon us, and the preseason kicking off tomorrow, the NFL has announced their officiating changes for the upcoming year. One of them has potentially big implications on the AFC North.

If you're a NFL fan, you know that the Ravens and Steelers have a little history between each other, to say the least.

With skirmishes like these being a regular occurance in this rivalry, all I see is dollar signs for the NFL. Especially with the vague wording of the rule that "any player that does not leave area instantly is subject to fine". What the hell does that mean? If a player is just standing near the fight area (like in the first scuffle), does that mean they get a fine?

Hopefully the referees are reasonable when levying penalties against players, but with the current wording, it could certainly be abused.

While how the rule will be enforced remains up in the air, it's nickname should be set in stone. I propose we call it the 'Steve Smith tax'.

Hopefully Steve still makes some money this year after all of the fines.