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Ravens Defensive Backs are So Elite, Forcing Matt Schaub to Throw 9 Picks in 6 Days

He probably threw a pick in this picture.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been on Twitter, Reddit, or even read an article here or there on this site over the past few months, you probably know that Matt Schaub has..... sucked. And that's putting it nicely.

Yikes. With today's picks, this brings Schaub to 9 interceptions over 6 days of camp. That's more interceptions than the entire Ravens secondary got combined last season. Keep in mind that for most of camp, the pads have been off, and there's been no rush for Matt to throw the ball.

To sum it up in gif form, this has been Schaub's preseason.

Wait, wait..... our gif team here informs me that there's a better gif.

Much better. His preseason is best equated to a swift kick to the groin.

The reaction from the fans has not been too kind, as most expect their $2M backup QB to be somewhat competent. Suggestions have ranged from burning his practice jersey to bringing in Michael Vick for a tryout. Others think he should change his mechanics by intending his throws to go to the defenders, kind of like "a golfer trying to compensate for a slice." To put it simply, the transition from Tyrod Taylor to Schaub has Ravens fans knowing that their team will be screwed if Flacco goes down instead of probably.

However, many are discounting the possibility that the secondary could just be that good. Asa Jackson, the guy who is constantly being burned in practice might just have Schaub's number.

Sadly, I'm kidding. We are absolutely screwed at this point should Flacco go down. Bryn Renner and Trent Steelman are the only two other QBs on the roster, with the latter more of a mobile threat than a passing one. Say your prayers, knock on wood, hope the Ravens bring in another QB, and cross your fingers that Flacco doesn't go down for the first time ever.