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Ravens signing of Will Hill a stroke of genius

Ozzie don't scare.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Will Hill's signing was overlooked. But as he comes to the forefront of the defense, it is easy to appreciate Ozzie Newsome's guts and his philosophy.

Right player, right pice. One team's trash is another's treasure. Newsome has consistently picked up quality players late in free agency, and that formula does not affect the ultra valuable compensatory picks. Will Hill was signed after being released for his third suspension, with the Ravens retaining his rights for an additional season as a restricted free agent.

Nothing was thought of it. At that very same time, the Ravens were under siege by both the media and the masses for the infamous Ray Rice incident. And there stood an elite safety. A rare commodity across today's NFL, in a time where safety is one of the most important positions on defense.

But Newsome is all about fielding the best possible team. With no regard for human life, he signed the troubled Hill.

Profootballtalk was first to fire shots. Their headline read: "Ravens sign Will Hill, because of course they do." I'd forgotten how much I hated that excuse of a website. Headlines like that only reflected the thoughts of many. But Newsome doesn't care about P.R, and Steve Bisciotti trusts him enough to make these kinds of moves. Now Hill is thriving, and is getting ready to produce what could be an all pro year. Score another for the Wizard.