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Baltimore Beatdown Podcast: 8/6 Live!

Join us tonight as we have another live podcast starting at a special time - 7:30 pm ET.

This week's episode is a big one.

Starting off with DeflateGate news and the Baltimore Ravens' involvement in snitching to the Indianapolis Colts. Matt will talk a bit about his time at training camp and all the important stories from the past week at the Under Armour Performance Center.

We have an interview with Dr. Bobby on the injury status of Elvis Dumervil and Matt Elam to go along with the failure of Lardarius Webb's conditioning test, so we'll get to hear from a professional what all those mean for the Ravens. Matt also got an exclusive interview with Ravens' runningback Lorenzo Taliaferro, so we'll have that too.

The guys will cover the rest of the Ravens' training camp news.

Feel free to ask us questions on and comment with us as we do the podcast for your ears live!