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Terrelle Pryor is the Bethe Correia of the National Football League

Be least scared of those who bark the most. Be terrified of the ones that talk the least.

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Readers, please and sincerely believe that I have not -- like many of you -- taken a bite out of the Terrelle Pryor Troll Burger. Personally, I am still unwinding my jumbled thoughts after the countless times Bethe Correia jammed my brain with false hope and promise leading up to her (dis)appointment -- most over-hyped 34 seconds of my life -- with Ronda "Rowdy" Rousey. I have, however, been taught this lesson before and yes, nothing can ever go wrong with this memory refresher: Talk is cheap.

When I see these advertisements on NFL's Instagram:

Terrelle Pryor

From pass thrower to pass catcher? According to @rapsheetnfl, the hype is real. #NFLTrainingCamp

A photo posted by NFL Network (@nflnetwork) on

I frown. There's a reason why nobody was quoted in the picture (usually they provide a name).
When I think back ... no one ever discussed the great, former New England Patriot Troy Brown, playing both ways. No one squawked about Julian Edelman making the switch. Unfortunate as it it may seem I had to list two Patriots players, there are other examples: Hines Ward (Pittsburgh), Brad Smith (Jets), Josh Cribbs (Browns), Antwaan Randle El (Pittsburgh), and even Anquan Boldin (San Francisco).

Versatility is an invaluable asset sought after and treasured by AFC North coordinators (evidently).

I appreciate our viewers' comments, and always welcome more thought-provoking responses ... which is why I took the time to highlight the quips from a recent article I published.

Can we pump the breaks on the Terrelle Pryor hype train? Let’s be real: he’s a mediocre read-option QB who’s just changed position. The guy might have a bright future at WR but it would be very difficult for him to do much this season, having several years worth of route-running practice and hands to make up. He’ll definitely be good for a trick play here and there, but gimmick players don’t last too long in the NFL (see Ronnie Brown and the wildcat offense in Miami).

Yes we can pump the brakes*, Major^2. TP won't be coming out of the backfield, unless it's an end-around, which is what he was reported doing yesterday. The Ravens defense must be on edge -- how did we lose to Tom Brady+Edelman+Danny Amendola again?
i just puked in my mouth.
No, you don’t have the best DB group in the AFC. Nobody outside of DBN would argue that.
Knowing schemes is nice. A lot of bad players have known schemes backwards and forwards. I’m not saying Pryor is bad, he may in fact turn out to be a productive receiver, but the dude is literally learning to play the position as we speak. He’s the black Matt Jones at this point, until he produces.
And let’s calm down on the whole "WHO CAN COVER HIM HE’S HUUGE" thing, Jimmy’s 6’2" and took care of Megatron and Julio. We good.
NOW let me add that it would not surprise me in the least to see Pryor turn out to be a starting caliber WR in the NFL. But let’s pump the f*cking breaks before we put articles on the front page of BB calling him "The NFL’s Ultimate Dual-Threat." Bro are you kidding me? The guy is CHANGING POSITIONS. I could just as easily put Tim Tebow at TE and publish the same headline, but I wouldn’t because I do my best not to jump to conclusions. Especially in the absence of any game tape whatsoever.
Oh, and who the f*ck’s gonna throw to him?
I am be angerous now.
by jackmca on Aug 4, 2015 | 6:17 PM up reply  rec (7)   flag
Temper, temper, Jack. Jimmy could backpedal against anybody in the league, including Megatron. Yes. Smith however, mentioned last offseason how much time he'll invest in studying film. He's clearly kept his word. As far as titles go, we don't know anything about TP -- which is why nobody, not even I, crowned him the NFL's Ultimate Dual-Threat. To click-bait is one thing, but to ask a legitimate question, "Is Pryor the ultimate dual-threat player?" another.

"Is Pryor a dual threat?"

Bill and the amazing CHEATRIOTS ride again

No, he’ll suck as soon as the the orange helmet settles on his head.

That's correct.
Baltimore Beatdown and its community's bond will tighten up as the season draws near; perhaps we can all agree on three things: Pryor is the NFL's Bethe Correia, talk is cheap and that it's spelled brakes*.