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Ravens' Front Office Goes Above and Beyond to Make a Fan's Day

The Ravens have always had great fan interaction, and this is just the status quo for them.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

When Redditor user 'JanuaryJoe5' (real name Nick) emailed the Baltimore Ravens with an unusual request, he wasn't expecting much of a reply back. However, the response Nick received back from the team blew his expectations out of the water.

Allow Nick to explain his experience with the team.

I have a story. On November 1, 1998, I was born. The doctor who delivered me was at the Ravens game that day. Coincidentaly, the Ravens faced the Jaguars that day and lost. Miserably. That's not so much the ironic part as is the fact that I now live in Jacksonville. About two weeks ago I got the idea to get a ticket from the day I was born just because. Anyways, I scoured e-bay but I couldn't find anything I was sure was legitimate. So I went straight to the Ravens, not expecting a reply. 45 minutes later this guy emails me back and tells me not to buy anything from e-bay, he'll send me a ticket for free. So, I gave him my mailing address and today, these came. I was surprised to see not one ticket, but two. The other being from the inaugural game at Camden Yards. The Ravens are the best.

It's quite the remarkable story. The turnaround time and care that the Ravens took to accommodate Nick's request were second to none. Not to mention the extra ticket they threw in.

Here is an image of the two tickets.

The ticket on the left is the one that Nick originally requested, from the game on his birthday. The other ticket is from the Ravens first game, versus the Steelers at 'New Football Stadium at Camden Yards', which Nick says the back of the ticket calls the stadium as.

With all of the negative press lately as the Ravens have been thrown into 'DeflateGate', it is certainly nice to see the more positive, yet seldom-seen good news.

The Ravens continue to gain new supporters and keep their old ones by actions like these off the field, and their consistently great play on it.