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Ravens announce stadium improvements

Baltimore Ravens officials announced $40 million worth of stadium improvements to M&T Bank Stadium Wednesday afternoon to ensure gameday experience improves

M&T Bank Stadium has undergone $40 million worth of "Gameday Experience" improvements
M&T Bank Stadium has undergone $40 million worth of "Gameday Experience" improvements
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

To many sports fans, watching a game live from the stadium is a one-of-a-kind experience. However, with major leaps in technology, watching a game on television from the comfort of your home can be quite appealing. That is why Ravens President Dick Cass announced $40 million worth of improvements to M&T Bank Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.

Cass explained that the Ravens are pleased that every game has sold out, but he hopes that the new improvements "extend our efforts to make Ravens games the best."

A variety of upgrades were announced at the press conference, including a new wi-fi system, "freeD" (A State-of-the-Art Video Replay system able to show replays of on-field events from virtually any angle) and also new security measures (metal detectors and security cameras) designed to ensure fan safety.

The new Wi-Fi system will be powered by Verizon and will have nearly 800 access points in order to ensure that fans are able to easily and readily access the internet while inside the stadium. Cass said that he recognizes the technological desires the fans have, in regard to social media, fantasy football, etc.

"It is part of a great gameday experience," Cass said.

Along with the new Wi-Fi system, the other major announcement was the freeD system, which is a revolutionary replay system with the ability to capture a play from every angle. The Ravens are one of the first organizations in the NFL to acquire a system such as this, and they believe the fans will be very pleased with the new replay system.

A sample of the freeD technology can be viewed here.

Ravens officials also said that they believe the new security measures will pay big dividends, allowing fans to have a better, safer gameday experience. The 55 new security cameras will be used to identify fans acting irresponsibly, so that security personnel can effectively and reasonably deal with the situation, allowing responsible fans to enjoy the game even more.

With these new upgrades at M&T Bank Stadium, fans should be excited to come out and experience the Ravens' games live this season and in the future.