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Ray Rice discusses past and future on Outside The Lines

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice sat down with ESPN Outside the Lines to discuss his past, the changes he has made, and his bid to make a return to the NFL.

Ray Rice is still hopeful that he will make an NFL Roster
Ray Rice is still hopeful that he will make an NFL Roster
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After being suspended and ultimately dismissed from the Baltimore Ravens last year after a domestic violence altercation with then-fiance Janay, Ray Rice still has not received a workout invitation from any NFL teams.

Rice made an appearance on ESPN Outside the Lines on Tuesday to discuss the events of the past year where he expresses his deepest regrets about the incident, his rehabilitation to learn from his mistakes, and his attempt to find his way onto an NFL roster.

Rice told Outside the Lines that he understands that public opinion is not in his favor and that has factored into teams' seeming unwillingness to reach out to him.

"We do live in a society where public opinion matters and I totally respect that," Rice told Outside the Lines.

Rice also expressed deep remorse over the event, calling it "the worst decision I've ever made in my life." Rice is now using his situation to reach out to others, advocating for domestic violence victims and using himself as an example to reach out to men about domestic violence issues. Founders of "A Call to Men,"a national violence prevention organization have campaigned for a team to give Rice a second chance.

"I can understand some people will probably never forgive my actions," Rice told Outside the Lines. "But I think that every step that I took going forward right now- over time, I want to be able to rewrite the script, to tell my daughter that daddy made the worst decision of his life, but this is what I did going forward."

In the interview, Rice showed deep regret for his actions on the night of the incident. He became very emotional at one point when discussing his regret for not helping his wife up off the ground. He said that after the video was released and he viewed it for the first time, he felt as if he did not want to live anymore.

With an uphill climb up ahead, Rice said that he knows it will not be easy to make his way back into the NFL. He said that it is a "privilege to play in the NFL.

"I have a lot of hope and faith," Rice said. " That I will be able to hang them up the right way. I'm hopeful for a second chance."