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Here's How Much Justin Tucker Will Cost The Ravens

*SPOILER ALERT* It's expensive.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tucker is more than likely the best kicker in the NFL. Hell, he hit a 64-yard field goal in practice just the other day. He's also due for a brand new contract, so how much will the Ravens need to pay him? I'm glad you asked that, me. Here's my official breakdown of what it will cost to keep our star kicker:


$2.1m / year - Range of 60-70+ yards

$2.2m / year - Most accurate kicker in NFL history

$400k / year - Ice water that courses through his supremely clutch veins

$100k / year - Sense of humor

$8k / year - Ability to sing opera

$50k / year - Trash talking excellence

$40k / year - Handsomeness

$21k / year - Wolfpack Tax

TOTAL: $4,919,000 / year

This would make Tuck the highest paid kicker in the NFL, supplanting Stephen Gostkowski's $4.3m per year tender. Sure, it sucks to shell out so much money for the kicker position, but this needs to happen. You can't win big games without a big game kicker and the city of Baltimore wouldn't be the same without Justin Tucker.