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2015 Ravens Training Camp: 5 Ravens trending downwards

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With the first break in training camp today after the open practice at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens have hit an early milestone. They have installed scheme, ran out in the heat, and have begun hitting for the first time since the previous season. After our quick look, we can see five players that are trending upwards and five that are sadly trending downwards.

Stock: Downward Trend

Asa Jackson - CB

Jackson was supposed to be a corner that the Ravens could lean on if all else failed, yet what we've seen from camp is Jackson being picked on by every quarterback that the Ravens have. Poor technique and mental aspects of his game are pushing him further and further behind the starters and could see him off the team unless he proves useful on special teams.

Matt Elam - S

The one player that could ill afford to miss any time after two disappointing seasons will likely be done for the season with a bicep tear. With his contract up after this season, there is huge doubt as to whether the Ravens give Elam another contract to hopefully recoup some of that talent that is obviously there, but has yet to be displayed. With it only early in August, this isn't the type of talk that you want surrounding you if you are a player.

Matt Schaub - QB

As we've covered before, Matt Schaub appears to have brought his case of the "yips" with him to Baltimore. Almost every practice I've attended, from OTAs through to training camp, Schaub has thrown a terrible interception. While I still contend that bringing Schaub on was the right move, he has been less than spectacular during practice so far and hopefully will only see the field in preseason and when the Ravens are up by 30 points in the fourth quarter

Lardarius Webb - CB

With the failure of his conditioning test and the emergence of Rashaad Melvin, Webb suddenly has a lot of heat coming up behind him, especially with a larger contract than he is worth. If Webb keeps faltering, then he is in serious trouble at the end of this season.

Arthur Brown - LB

This seems like it should be called the "Arthur Brown list" for how often he has appeared on one of these. A former second-round draft pick that has yet to see the field in any meaningful way and has not made any impact on special teams is a bad sign for any team, much less a Ravens' team that almost always hits on higher round draft picks. Brown is on the outside looking in after this season with C.J. Mosley taking fully over the ILB spot and veteran Daryl Smith holding onto it until he is ready to retire. If that retirement comes too much longer, Brown won't be in town to be the default guy to slide into the position.