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Ravens finish atop the AFC North

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today has ranked where each team should finish in their division and what the final records will be. The Ravens under no real shock barely squeak by the Steelers and Bengals in a tough AFC North division that will have a major test out on the West Coast this season.

Finishing 10-6, the Ravens are one of the lower ranked playoff teams with the Patriots, Bills, Dolphins, Colts, and Broncos all getting into the playoffs this season. We know that the Ravens really turn it on when the games matter in January and February, so the ranking heading into the playoffs never seems to matter much to the Ravens players and coaches.

Ravens (10-6): Having four offensive coordinators in four seasons (Marc Trestman is the latest) isn't ideal. But aside from receivers, there's plenty of continuity throughout lineup. Opening with five of seven on road a major hurdle.

Nate Davis also noted that the Ravens are starting their fourth different offensive coordinator in the last four seasons but that continuity along the offense and defense will help settle this team down. As we mentioned earlier, the biggest headache for the Ravens and the rest of the AFC North is the long flights out to the West Coast that typically sees players tire out quicker and get more homesick.

The Ravens will be trying to combat that by staying across the country after the first game of the season against the Denver Broncos as they face off against the Oakland Raiders on September 20th. The Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers on October 18th and will stay out in Phoenix to prepare for playing the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night, October 26th.

Hopefully for the Ravens, they can beat the spread and finish with a higher win total and get some home playoff games for a change.