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Coach John Harbaugh Isn't Afraid to Stand Up For Himself and His Team

Harbaugh let the world see his 'dark side' last night.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The normally calm and stoic Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh let it all out last night. John, the older brother of Jim Harbaugh, acted a lot like his little brother last night, who is famous for his sideline fits and antics.

The first incident occurred when Harbaugh ran onto the field in the wake of a brawl after Keenan Robinson's dirty hit on Kamar Aiken. Harbaugh was attempting to corral his players back onto the sideline when Redskins Coach Jay Gruden appeared to say some select words to Coach Harbaugh. Whatever he said quite clearly hit a nerve, and Harbaugh fired back with some more choice words, I'm sure. While we may never know what was said and who won this 'war of words', the facial expressions of the two men tell all.

The second incident of Harbaugh lashing out a bit was at halftime. This poor Ravens reporter caught Harbaugh at his worst, when he let his frustrations get a hold of him.

My goodness. Harbaugh barks very little, but he knows how to fight. And just look at that bulging vein in his neck. I also wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that stare down.

While many people on various Internet outlets were quick to call Harbaugh names that I can't repeat on this site, I think it was a heat of the moment thing. Harbaugh is so passionate about his team, and simply was too worked up about the night's events. I think that if Harbaugh were to see this interview again, he'd be a little disappointed in himself. He really likes to hold himself to a certain standard and would hate to see himself come off so abrasive, as he did in this interview.

But at the end of the day, I'll take a fired up Harbaugh every once in a while. I think very few coaches have as much passion for their team and the game of football as Harbaugh does. When football is your life and passion, these kind of things are bound to happen.