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Will Hill is obligated to step up during Ravens training camp

After starting 2014 with a six-game suspension, it took just two games to convince the coaching staff the safety could run with the 1s in the secondary. With a strong chance Matt Elam might miss the season after sustaining a bicep injury, Will Hill must step up in training camp to calm the stormed hearts.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Will Hill could instill much peace in many, many hearts with an outstanding performance and output in 2015. The safety's presence could make a difference on a secondary that is at a tipping point of failure and success.

After serving a six-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy for a positive test on marijuana, Hill saw action in two games before starting the next eight to close the 2014 campaign. He quickly shook off the rust, on the field and off, and the Ravens assigned a $1.542 million right-of-first-refusal original round tender for the restricted free agent this past March. While the Ravens' brass forgave Hill for his past off-the-field problems, they've taken a "Who Is Will Hill Now?" approach with the young safety.

Let's hope that second chance isn't taken for granted.

In his best season, 2013, with the New York Giants, then second-year free safety dominated the backend with 77 tackles in only 10 starts (that's on pace for 125 total). He's a major asset when he plays with a clear head on his shoulders.

Hill's maturation is on a positive slope -- or so they say -- we need the safety to feel obligated during Ravens' Training Camp to start in 2015. How he practices will speak for itself.