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Terrelle Pryor sees first team rep, could start for Browns

The converted quarterback sees starting receiver reps

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

From quarterback to receiver. From being cut in the AFC North to seeing first team reps in the AFC North. Terrelle Pryor is looking to become a serious offensive threat unexpectedly running routes for the Cleveland Browns.

It's been a clear journey for Terrelle Pryor. Throwing for the Oakland Raiders. Burning the Pittsburgh Steelers for 92 yards on a QB option. Traveling to Cincinnati only to be cut. Finally changing his mind and attempting to become a receiver. But it is only good news so far as Terrelle is high flying and even starting at his designated position. Here we can even see Pryor "reaching for the stars"

Personally myself would love to see any style of comeback story evolve from Pryor's NFL career thus far. Which for the Browns could truly pay off from their low risk high reward decision of signing Pryor to camp. Only time can give us more information on wether Pryor is truly excelling as a piece of Cleveland's offense.