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RG3 not cleared to play Ravens

After clearing RG3 to play on Thursday, the Redskins have said that RG3 isn't cleared to play.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Redskins have learned their lesson for once.

The Redskins have said that RG3 is not cleared to play tonight against the Ravens. Kirk Cousins will be the starter tonight, and according to some sources, he could also be the Redskins Week One starter against the Dolphins.

Griffin is being held out after suffering concussion-like symptoms after taking a massive beating from the Lions during last week's game. He will receiver another examination next week to see if he is able to play. It's wise for the Redskins to be keeping RG3 on the shelf right now. Like I said in my last article, the Redskins are trying to salvage the QB that they've traded away an arm and a leg for and they shouldn't risk him behind a terrible offensive line in a meaningless game.

Of course, knowing the Redskins, they'll find a way to mess this up later in the season. But one can hope.