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GameThread: Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins

The Ravens are looking to rebound after last week's dreadful 40-17 loss against the Philadelphia Eagles. It's crucial that they do so considering that tonight's game is regarded as the 'dress rehearsal' for the starters.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Real football is so close. You can almost taste it. But tonight's exhibition will have to do. With this game being referred to as a 'dress rehearsal', it will at least be a little more entertaining to see the starters run around for a half or so.

With the Redskins coming to town, and the 'Battle of the Beltway' taking place, you know this will be a good game. While all eyes will be on Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, who was cleared to play after concussion-like symptoms that were sustained last week, the Ravens look to shift the spotlight towards themselves. Expect the Ravens stellar run defense to rebound against a weak Redskins offensive line, and for the Ravens offense to rise up to the occasion a little more than they did last week.

For those who can't watch the game, our Twitter feed below will be delivering updates and highlights from the game all night long. Keep any eye on this page and our game StoryStream for all of the news you need. Seriously. You don't even need to leave our site.

It's gametime Ravens Nation, let's do this.

Caw caw indeed.