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RG3 Shouldn't Start Against The Ravens

The Redskins are making another mistake in their handling of RG3.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The doctors have reversed their decision. Robert Griffin has not been cleared to play against the Ravens tonight, Kirk Cousins will get the start instead.

On Thursday RG3 was cleared to start against the Ravens on Saturday. Five days after a game against the Lions, in which he was hit or sacked five times and possibly concussed. According to this CBSSports article, his offensive linemen don't even like him.

I don't root for the Redskins (obviously), but I'm starting to wonder what RG3 could've possibly done to deserve this. He's going to play behind a line of turnstiles that may or may not dislike him at Baltimore. Against Brandon Williams, Timmy Jernigan, Carl Davis, Lawrence Guy, DeAngelo Tyson, Elvis Dumervil, Terrell Suggs, and Za'Darius Smith.

I see this ending well.

The Redskins are still making the mistakes that they've been making with RG3 since the 2012 Wild Card game, except that game actually meant something. This is a meaningless game. It's a dress rehearsal for the regular season, but it's still a meaningless game in terms of actual standings and not a game where a team should be putting the quarterback that they are desperately trying to salvage,the dynamic player traded an arm and a leg for, behind an awful offensive line.