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Baltimore Ravens sign safety Will Hill to a 2 year deal

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Update: The contract is a two-year deal that will replace the 2015 and add the 2016 season in per the Baltimore Ravens and Ryan Mink

The Baltimore Ravens just signed safety Will Hill to a two-year deal. The amounts have not been released yet, but this is good news for the Ravens and their fans.

The Ravens picked up Hill during the 2014 offseason after he was released by the New York Giants. Hill is no stranger to off-the-field issues in the past, but has been able to keep his nose clean thus far in Baltimore. While playing for the Ravens, Hill has been able to revive his career with great play at the strong safety position. So much in fact that he was rated number 73 in Pro Football Focus' top-100 rankings for 2015, doing so despite missing the first six games due to a suspension relating to failing the league's substance abuse policy.

Hill has made a serious effort to clean up his act while in Baltimore and is in no small part, a reason that the Ravens have made this move to keep him longer term as a Raven.

Hill said at the end of last season:

I sit in the house with my family. I used to be a nightclub guy, especially coming out of college. I've just been watching a lot of movies. I'm a homebody. I took a long look in the mirror and decided to change a lot of things

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