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Baltimore Ravens 10th in most arrests since 2010

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly for the Baltimore Ravens and their fans, the Ravens' players have gotten themselves in a bit of trouble over the years. With 10 arrests since 2010, the Ravens have been one of the worst teams in the NFL at seeing the back of a squad car.

The most notable Raven to get in trouble was running back Ray Rice. Rice knocked out his then fiance in an elevator, which was caught on security camera football. Rice quickly became the face of the domestic violence issue in the NFL and is still without a job after the Ravens cut him. The Ravens also saw current running back Lorenzo Taliaferro get into some trouble when he reportedly punched a cab window one evening.

Many fans wouldnt think of the Ravens as one of the most arrested teams in the league, but sadly, teams like the Raiders and Steelers are behind the Ravens with fewer arrests.

One of the more interesting stats is that every single team has had a player arrested in the last two years. Within the last year alone, most teams had an arrest.

I'm sure the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens would like to put a stop to the arrests and keep guys' noses clean... Or at least have a "fall guy"