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Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco accepts responsibility for his interceptions

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco understands that the Ravens and fans want him to excel and are looking for a much better season in 2015 to push him into that upper tier of quarterbacks. Two interceptions against the Eagles in preseason is not the way to do it though.

Decision-wise, I would say I think we had the shots. I just didn't make the throw that I needed to.

This is the Flacco that everyone knows however. The same on that drove 80 yards on the Saints and scored a relatively easy touchdown last week, while stinking up the joint this week. Overthrowing and underthrowing receivers leading to interceptions and just a poor performance.

The first interception was underthrown to Kamar Aiken in the endzone on a deep pass that offensive coordinator Marc Trestman appears to have limited in his playcalling thus far.

I was taking a shot there with one-on-one coverage and just thought we might have a play. I think I'd probably take that again.

Fans will remember deep ball Flacco being the one to heave the ball down the field on one-on-one coverage hoping to hit the fast Torrey Smith. Though looking at the stats for those passes, Flacco's quarterback ratings were pretty awful on those types of plays.

The second interception of the night for Flacco was an overthrow to Marlon Brown in the middle of the field. An easy interception for Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell.

He's a 6-foot-5 wide receiver and I overthrew him by five feet, so you just can't have that. I made a terrible throw.

I'd say so Joe. This is most people's problem with Flacco when discussing how good or bad he is. He has the regular head scratching moments where you wonder if he is thinking about his grocery list instead of wide open receivers. Both interceptions are inexcusable from a quarterback making as much as Flacco is making this season.

You can't turn the ball over if you want to play well

The Ravens need Flacco to limit these types of interceptions because there will be times where the defender just makes an amazing play, you don't need to hand it to the opponent. If the Ravens want to get back to the Super Bowl, Flacco will need to shut down this type of play for the remainder of the season.