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Hey NFL, there were in fact two teams playing

Ravens coverage is lacking... not the secondary

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Late night shifts at my work caused for me to unfortunately miss the Ravens-Eagles game. Didn't even get to enjoy updates with my phone left in my car. Hours later I come to find out the final score. Obviously unhappy with getting crushed 40-17 but knowing it's pre-season did in fact comfort me. Check out the highlights on and see Flacco throw pick 1 & 2. Eagles touchdowns, and OH MY GOODNESS HOW DID I FORGET THEY HAVE TIM TEBOW!

Didn't get to see the Darren Waller touchdown. Didn't get to see the Daniel Brown touchdown. Hell, I missed Bryn Renner posting the best passer rating of all QB's in the game at 124.7. Renner went 15/21 for 158 yards and rushed 3 times for 22 yards yet not a single word on Renner doing anything.

I get that he is the third string QB in the pre-season but I know for sure if Jimmy Garoppolo posts 158 yards and 2 TD's he's getting coverage no matter the game. Come on, regardless of Baltimore's market the Ravens good was blatantly snuffed out and instead NFL needs to discuss, "Suggs hits Bradford low and late!" No, you're generating a story because you can make one.

Baltimore played a bad game. Blatantly. Flags were flying more than actual eagles and ravens in the world it seemed. But the reason Baltimore didn't get coverage in this game wasn't because of any other reason than TIM TEBOW IS ON THE FIELD WARMING UP! TIM TEBOW IS ON THE FIELD! HOW DARE WE NOT SAY TIM TEBOW IN THIS HIGHLIGHT LESS THAN X AMOUNT OF TIMES!!! The reason is clicks. It's not that hard to get clicks. Honestly, if you want clicks even I can show you using this link. My point exactly.

Tebow clearly sells, and having a piece on him isn't bad, but to take over the entire opposing teams coverage on a back up player is disrespectful. It's not Calvin Johnson jumping over 4 players for a score. It's not Rodgers eviscerating a secondary. It's not JJ Watt racking in crazy pressure stats. It's Tim Tebow missing open throws instead of Bryn Renner being showed. Or any other player of that matter.

So to the NFL, yes there were in fact two teams playing, and highlights of both teams AND A TIM TEBOW segment can happen.