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Relive Tonight's Game With Our GIF/Video Highlights

Never forget, 8.22.15. The night we all got too worked up over a preseason game.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Your resident GIF/video connoisseur here. I begrudgingly present you with the "highlights" of tonight's game. I couldn't even find any Ravens highlights. So here's a showcase of what the Eagles did to us.

Steve Smith Smack Talking Agholor

The First Flacco Interception

'So Not Joe' Interception

Barner Burns Us for a 68-yard Score

Nelson Agholor Makes Kendrick Lewis Look Silly

Tim Tebow Makes the Ravens Look Like a Pee Wee Squad

And that does it for this week's edition of GIF/Video Highlights. Special thanks to kind Redditor /u/itszuperman for being a real-life Superman and making these videos. Hopefully next week's edition has at least one Ravens highlight.