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Ravens Guard John Urschel Has His Own Concussion Protocol

Let's just say, it requires a lot of math.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

John Urschel is the man with a tiny car, but a big brain. When he went down with an apparent concussion, I think we were all concerned because of how important his mind is to him. Thankfully all seems well, and Urschel has hit the practice field this week, albeit in limited spurts. However, the typical concussion protocol was no good for John, as he had to really test his brain himself.

Coach John Harbaugh enlightened us on Urschel's antics during his recovery.

"You’re told when you get a concussion not to listen to certain things, not to read certain things, not to study certain things, not to do some certain things that might hurt the concussion part of the brain there," Harbaugh said. "So, my man goes out the second day afterwards and does high-level math problems just to see where he’s at.

FACT: Advanced math makes me feel concussed. Algebra II Honors makes me feel like I've been blindsided by Ray Lewis.

This kind of thing is the norm for Urschel, a journal-published mathematician who holds a bachelor's and master's degree in mathematics. Thankfully for Urschel, he seems to be doing just fine, and is back to his usual self by making us all feel very dumb. Coach Harbaugh for one isn't having any more of it.

"I’m going to tell the guys tonight in the meeting, ‘Listen, guys, for all you guys that may get a little concussion issue … You want to go out and do the high-level math? You want to do those trigonomic [sic], algebraic equations? We’re putting an end to that right now on our team. We’ll have no more of that.’"

While we're assuming that Urschel is doing just fine, Coach couldn't confirm if Urschel's math work was correct. "I wouldn’t know the difference," Harbaugh said about his work.