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Surveying the Enemy: Quick Q&A With Some Eagles Fans

It's time to give our fellow 'Bird Bros' a litle time in the spotlight.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, we try to sit down and discuss the opposition with fans of the opposing team. After all, we're just talking heads who don't know their team. They live Eagles football.

So without further adieu, I present some quick questions and answers with members of the community /r/Eagles.

#1: What Eagles players should Ravens fans be keeping an eye on tonight?

"Obvious answers are Bradford, Matthews, Huff, Eric Rowe and Agholor. Tebow and Barkley are battling for the third QB spot. There are quite a few players battling for RG, so whoever is in the game at the position is worthy of keeping an eye on. Ed Reynolds is a safety worth keeping an eye on later in the game. Raheem Mostert and Kenjon Barner are battling for a roster spot and both look pretty good. Eric Tomlinson is an UDFA TE that is also looking like he has a chance to make the final 53."

- /u/IamShiffy

"Young receivers. Matthews, agholor, and Huff are pretty hype around these parts. Bradford first action as well."

- /u/CrapFrancis

"Bennie Logan, Fletcher Cox are tremendous at the LOS. Casual fans won't notice because of the way stats stack up for 2 gapping 3-4 D-Lineman."


#2: What kind of gameplan will Chip unleash on the Ravens?

"I can't really see him doing anything different. It'll be the fast paced offense that everyone has become accustomed to."

- /u/IamShiffy

"Look for the Eagles O to put skilled defenders (e.g. Right side DE) in bad positions by having the QB send the ball to wherever they don't go. Check out this video starting around 1:55."

- /u/salamanderXIII

#3: How much of and how long will the starting squad will be out on the field tonight?

"we don't know. Probably not a ton, we might get a solid quarter from most of them."
- /u/CrapFrancis

"Depends on the position. Not very long at coveted skill positions on the O."

- /u/salamanderXIII

#4: What's an Eagles fun fact/stat that you'd like for some Ravens fans to know?

"Fun Fact: the Eagles are the only nfl team with the logo facing left! So you can see the E in his feathers. Also Brian Dawkins is better than Ed Reed. Fact."
- /u/houseboatgambler

Should've known what I was getting into by asking these guys this question. I guess they misinterpreted the 'fact' part.

"Chip is the only unmarried coach in the league."

- /u/CrapFrancis

"The Eagles are the only team to be[at] a Vince Lombardi led Packers in the playoffs."

- /u/IamShiffy

#5: Is LeSean missed very much?

"nah. He'll eventually be remembered as an all time great here, but most of us are sick of his shit and we've got solid replacements for him."

- /u/CrapFrancis

"No. We replaced him with a better scheme fit, another good back up RB in Mathews, and his comments after he left pissed a bunch of people off."

- /u/IamShiffy

"I'll miss Shady as a spectacle on the field. Those ankle breaking jukes were beautiful. I won't miss having a go for broke slugger of an RB that went for 20 and got -4 all too often when this HC and scheme really need a steady 2 to 4 positive yards on those plays. In other words, I'll take one-cut over a beautiful dance. The difference between regularly facing 2 & 12 vs 2 & 7 can't be overstated."

- /u/SalamanderXIII

And that's a wrap. Some interesting and insightful answers from these Eagles faithful indeed. While we may diasgree on things like Dawkins v. Reed, we can both agree that the Cowboys are the worst.

Special thanks to all who answered my post, it's much appreciated. For a vice-versa perspective, I gave my thoughts to Bleeding Green Nation on my beloved Ravens. It's a good read, I think.