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Injury Roundup: Who's Playing, Who's Not

The Ravens squad made it through this week with a surprisingly low amount of injuries. Still, a few key players will be out for tonight's game.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

This week, the Ravens made it throught joint practices with a relatively low amount of injuries. Especially considering the casualties in the previous two weeks of camp, with both Matt Elam and Brent Urban going down with torn biceps. But there were still a few key players who have nagging injuries, and are likely out for tonight's exhibition. Who will be missing in action?

Offensive Line is Looking Thin

The unit, one of the best in the league, could be short-handed against Philly's excellent front seven.

Guard Kelechi Osemele has had a 'nagging' Achilles injury that could hold him out. Said Osemele to the Baltimore Sun, "If I had to play a game right now, it’d be tough."

Right tackle Ricky Wagner has been sidelined with a foot injury, missing the last two days of practice. The injury is worrisome in particular due to Wagner's offeason surgery on his foot. His foot was re-aggravated in Wednesday's practice.

The young guards John Urshcel and Robert Myers, who both suffered concussions last week, may be held out or limited as a simple precaution. Head trauma is no joke.

Perriman, Probably Out

Ever since the first day of training camp, the rookie receiver Breshad Perriman has been held out of camp due to an apparent knee injury. The specifics of the injury have changed over the weeks, but it looks to be a sprained PCL. While Coach Harbuagh has been optimistic about him returning sometime this season, don't get your hopes up for tonight. The most recent update on his status has been that he was playing catch with Bryn Renner on the sidelines.

Where's Webb?

The oft-injured tender cornerback has been taking it easy after "tweaking his hamstring" in last week's practices. The injury kept him out of last week's game, and the same may happen this week as well. With Webb being an injury-prone veteran and a key piece of the Ravens secondary, the smart move would be to keep him out.

In the end, it's the preseason, and Coach Harbaugh isn't going to take any unnecessary risks.

“The guys who are going to play have to play, and that’s the way it works,” Harbaugh said. “We’ll have the guys in there that are healthy.”

The season isn't won in the preseason, but it can certainly be lost if key play makers go down.