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Harvard finds Ravens have 24% chance of playoffs?

Steelers top Bengals for highest in AFC North

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The Baltimore Ravens have less than a quarter chance at seeing a 17 game season this year as they sit at 22nd overall for chance to make playoffs (according to a Harvard study formula built by Harvard man Kurt Bullard). Playing a little game I'm going to ask the readers rhetorical questions and see how I know you're going to answer.

When I ask playoff teams you say?


These teams above all have a supposed better chance than the Baltimore Ravens for play-offs. I seemed to forget about the Bills, Texans, and Jets solving quarterback issues and becoming dominant forces in the NFL overnight. I may have overslept some Adam Schefter tweets. I forgot Joe Flacco and his talents are worse than the Bills starting Baltimore's ex-BACK-UP Quarterback. With Tyrod Taylor they have a better chance at the dance for Lombardi than the Ravens. Seriously, I'm Mr. Mugatu right now. "I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!"


The Miami Dolphins are ranked at 74%, or third best of all teams. Somehow they are making the lunge and de-throning the New England Patriots who only have 60%.

I understand the NFC South is currently a weak division and they're all fighting for mediocrity, or how my father would say "trying to be the shiniest turd in the stalls" but I don't think the Falcons will be the winners of the division. It's still a tough one as Mike Smith and his coaching tactics held the team back but the teams depth situation is terrible. I have the Panthers winning the division again, even with Kelvin Benjamin out for season. On the chart you see the Panthers at 22% and the Falcons more than twice as much at 55%. Even the Saints are higher at 48%. Now this is my personal opinion which could even hold less value than this Harvard formula but the Panthers squad is very good on defense, in the division of only good offenses a powerhouse front seven changes everything. Especially the best 3-4 ILB in the game.

Kansas City Chiefs over the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers. I have these three scrapping it out closer than last year. I have the inkling idea that Manning can't make the throws his genius mind is asking of him anymore and the Broncos see the twilight era of Manning slowly disappear. Now that doesn't necessarily mean they miss play-offs but the Chiefs being the contender and 4th highest ranked team at 61% is debatable. I feel they need to be lowered, the Broncos still with the highest chance, and the Chiefs right behind and Chargers much closer.


I still have the Seattle Seahawks almost a guarantee. The best free safety, strong safety, and cornerback in the league with a top 5 MLB and a powerhouse front seven as a whole makes this team a supreme weapon against other NFL teams. Add in Russell Wilson and another 'Beastmode' year with new weapon Jimmy Graham we'll see the outcome is a lot of W's.

Green Bay and play-offs are a lock as long as Aaron Rodgers is playing sixteen games. The reigning MVP of the league isn't going to be missing the play-offs with that team structured around him. Especially within the division no other dominant force showing themselves to the forefront.

NFL Playoff Odds New

Obviously Ravens fans know Baltimore isn't a lock for the play-offs, but putting Baltimore so very low seems comical. Of the 32 teams in the league the Ravens aren't the 22nd best in the league; hell, the Ravens made it to the divisional only a season ago. I know I've preached it in type, and over the Baltimore Beatdown Podcast but the only way the Ravens do not see the play-offs is the health of the team. Take these stats on out of here as Baltimore isn't built on analytics, but talent, skill, hard work, grit, and the true mantra of 'Play Like a Raven'.