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Make the call: Why the Baltimore Ravens will be scoring 8 points instead of 7s

Will Baltimore start going for 2?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Crocket Gillmore just caught a pass for a 16 yard touchdown. Baltimore is on the board 6-0. Does Harbaugh play it safe? I'm getting the feeling the gutsy coach will be going for two much more often with the new rule changes.

Most can argue with me by explaining the Baltimore Ravens possess the greatest kicking unit in NFL history. I have no quarrels against such an argument, I will simply counter this with mentioning the Ravens run game. Behind the best lineman in the NFL through Marshal Yanda, and the second best right tackle Rick Wagner; Justin Forsett has a real opportunity to score those extra two-points in game. The man averaged 5.4 YPC last season, and through Grantland & PFF rankings is the number #1 O-linemen in the NFL. I expect Baltimore's point totals going by 8's instead of 7's or 6's.

Baltimore has a true chance at putting up those extra two because of this offensive line. Baltimore can push past some weaker D-lines, and also hold steady if Joe needs to drop back and find the holes in opposing secondaries.

While the thought of going for 2 puts fear in the hearts of Baltimore Ravens, especially when the Ravens have an almost guaranteed 'gimme' with Tucker's golden leg, the 2 point conversion will become a true battle in the NFL. I expect the Ravens to lead the charge in transitioning rather than catching up later on.