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Ravens receivers looked sharp yesterday against Eagles defensive backs

Although I wasn't there, it appears the Ravens receivers performed well in scrimmages against the Eagles...

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

If you followed the Eagles bloggers, you would think the Eagles dominated the Ravens yesterday in scrimmages. But there were some unbiased observers there who painted a picture that invites optimism- a Ravens receiving group who more than held their own against a solid Eagles secondary.

For those of you who do not have the patience to dig through twitter, here is the updates on our receivers:

As I said, impressive days from Aiken, Smith, Waller, Boyle (besides the fumble). No one looked bad in the receiving group, except for Boyle's fumble issues, although punching the ball out seemed to be an emphasis for the Eagles.

This group is shaping up nicely. I am enjoying the Trestman air attack so far. Now if only Perriman can get on the field some time next week, the Ravens should be set at the position.