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Ravens Training Camp Observations: 8/21 Joint Practice

Sparks are flying between the two teams, hopefully they keep themselves in check today.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Today marks the final day of the joint practice sessions with the Philadelphia Eagles at their facility in South Philadelphia. The teams are likely working out the final details and scouting out the opposition in preperation for tomorrow's nationally-televised game.

While the two teams have been mostly tame towards each other and the practice attitude mellow, sparks flew yesterday when safety Will Hill got into it with Eagles receiver Josh HuffReportedly, Hill threw a punch at Huff and had to be restrained.

This isn't the best news, after all, the Ravens simply want to go in and have a productive camp without 'ruffling any feathers'. Hopefully this was an isolated accident of Hill simply losing his temper. I imagine Coach John Harbaugh will have punishments for any players who decide to start something today.

Keep tuned to us and Bleeding Green Nation for all of the camp news you demand. Below will be live updates all day long from Baltimore's best and brightest media assembled in Philadelphia. You'll also find some tweets from the Philadelphia media in the bottom feed. It's best to see both sides of the story.

(Turron Davenport has been added to the list.)

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