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2015 Ravens Training Camp Observations: 8/20 Joint Practice

Training camp is nearing its end, but the competition is in full force.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

EDIT: The author of this article isn't very smart and messed up the Twitter embeds. In the article editor, everything looked fine, but when it was published the feeds were messed up. The issue has now been corrected.

Tomorrow marks the second day of joint training practices with the Philadelphia Eagles. The two teams scrimmaged against each other yesterday at the Novacare Complex in South Philadelphia. It was a productive outing for both teams. The joint practices were a welcome change for the Baltimore squad, who got to match up against someone new on the practice field for the first time this season.

The atmosphere was much more competitive. While coaches John Harbaugh and Chip Kelly agreed on no tackling, a little skirmish broke out when an Eagles player took down a Ravens fullback. However, the incident was merely a drop in the bucket in comparison to some of the other fights we've seen this offseason around the NFL.

Today, the two squads look to build up on what Coach Harbaugh called a "hard, tough physical practice." Keep your devices locked in to this page and our sister blog, Bleeding Green Nation as we both give you all of the updates on training camp news.

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