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Why The Ravens Are Being Careful With Perriman

A bit of a backstory on Breshad's knees.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Breshad Perriman's injury is the most talked about Ravens storyline. Initially thought to be a day-to-day affair, days have turned into weeks. Now here is something most don't know about Perriman. He, like his father Brett and both of his brothers, has grown up with a knee condidtion.

It's called the Osgood-Schelleter disease. An apparently common but uncomfortable knee inflammation, among youths, according Orlando's newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel. I really recommend the full article.

"I remember at an older age, my knees would just give out just walking in random places like in the mall or something," [Perriman] said. "And everybody would be like, 'Boy, what's wrong with you?'"

With that being said, It's easy to understand why the Ravens are being extra careful. The long term is at stake. Structural damage could impact the rest of Perriman's career.

Perriman will likely open the season as the fourth or fifth receiver. He'll play in certain packages, probably as the deep threat and clear-out option on second and short situations. And that's fine. His impact will only grow as the season goes on, and he could be expected to really take off post bye week.