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Brandon Williams is a dancing machine

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive lineman Brandon Williams is apparently feeling the rhythm lately because he has yet another video of him dancing.

Mentioning that he is excited for the trip to Philadelphia in order to hit a different set of players for once, Williams does the "Carlton" that most would know from the Fresh Prince of BelAir. Posted up on Instagram, the big man is surprisingly light on his feet while dancing, hopping around and swinging his arms like he isn't 335-pounds.

#Mood Excited to go to Philadelphia and hit someone else for a change #MyCarltonOnFleek #BetYouCantDoItLikeMe #Throwback

A video posted by Brandon Williams (@brandonw_66) on

The team heads to Philly later today and will begin practicing up with the Eagles right up until their week 2 preseason game in Philadelphia on Saturday, August 22nd.