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Terrence Brooks off PUP list and practicing

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Safety Terrence Brooks is seeing the field for the first time since December. The Ravens' safety tore multiple ligaments in his knee last season and underwent surgery in December. His return gives the Ravens much needed depth in a secondary that is dinged up with the loss of safety Matt Elam.

A third-round pick in 2014, the Ravens were hoping that he could take a season to get the game under his belt and return the following season to camp as the installed starter. Unfortunately, the injury has derailed him so far and with multiple knee ligaments being torn, he will still likely have a fair amount of rust to knock off before he is effective enough to see any meaningful game time. However, it is encouraging that Brooks is out on the field today and practicing. The long journey back begins now for him and hopefully it is much shorter than expected.

The Ravens took out an insurance policy this offseason on Brooks' recovery by signing safety Kendrick Lewis to a three-year deal that will see him be the starter on the defense. This gives the Ravens time to allow Brooks a slower return to football and the lineup this preseason and even into the regular season.