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2015 Ravens fantasy prepper

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation has done an excellent job in looking at every single player in the NFL and ranking them by their expected fantasy production during the 2015 NFL season. While we won't look at players on other teams, if you play fantasy football, check out the full rankings here.

For the Baltimore Ravens, they have 4 players ranked and a single player unranked but still on the list.

Running back Justin Forsett finds himself as the highest ranked Raven on the list at the 23rd overall spot. Ahead of players like Frank Gore, Melvin Gordon, Mark Ingram, Lamar Miller and with one analyst thinking he belonged above LeSean McCoy in fantasy value.

Next up is wide receiver Steve Smith. With his final season tour already started, he has promised to make a show this season. The analysts agree as they rank him 80th overall, ahead of guys like Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith. Right behind him is first round draft pick Breshad Perriman at the 97th spot, which is also in front of former Raven Torrey Smith at the 99th overall position. With the big arm of quarterback Joe Flacco, the Ravens might not be known for huge passing numbers with all of their wide receivers, but a solid number of touchdowns and receptions should happen this season to both Perriman and Smith.

Last up on the list is the big man himself, Joe Flacco. Underrated as usual, Flacco is in the 120th spot and saw a single analyst not even rank him in the top 150 players for this season. As mentioned, the Ravens might not be known for their passing attack, but with new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman on board and Flacco looking to back up the best season of his career, Flacco should be slinging the ball around a few times a game looking for big plays to his speedster Perriman and a more sure-handed Steve Smith. Add in yardage going to the running backs out of the backfield and you should have a quarterback over 4,000 yards this season with significantly fewer interceptions as they look to be using a more cautious approach in 2015.

Flacco finds himself above players like Carson Palmer, Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler, but that is not exactly the best company to be sitting around if you are a quarterback. Hopefully for Ravens' fans and the Ravens themselves, Flacco is able to bump himself up these rankings with a few major performances like we saw against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2014.