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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker adds to his legacy with local commercial

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is looking for a new contract and likely looking to be the highest paid kicker in the league. With the stats on his side, it makes complete sense from a business standpoint, and many fans are on Tucker's side. Now with a new local commercial for CarBiz.

Tucker puts out probably one of the rarest things for a football player, a good commercial. Of course, Peyton Manning has regularly had a few good commercials and a stint on Saturday Night Live where he hits a kid in the back of the head with a football. But to say that it is a rare thing to have a football player in a commercial that actually makes you laugh would be an understatement and to add the fact that the player is a kicker would make it the single greatest achievement that Justin Tucker has done for the sport and for kickers everywhere.

Tucker shows us his best Matthew McConaughey impression for this commercial, much in the style of the Lincoln ads that McConaughey has done in the past. This makes the second spoof of this commercial style, with the first being Jim Carrey on SNL.

Alright alright alright!